Maybe, Burnout?

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Maybe, Burnout?

Geplaatst op 29/11/2023 door Denisa

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In the depths of quietness,

Lies a soul consumed in a fervent overflow.

The constant fire that once brightly danced,

Now is drawing slow

In the universe of exhaustion.


A tornado of a drained soul,

Where dreams once shined freely,

Now reduced to dust.

The flame that fueled ambitions high,

The twinkle that once sparked

Fainted down

In a confused and vanished sky.

The harsh and endless race,

Leaves the spirit lost in a sleepy place.

Passion's blaze, once fierce and bright,

Now burns slowly,

Loosing the light.


Like burdens heavy,

Draining  the essence,

Leaving just exhaustion.

The kick that inspired, now worn and tired,

Lost in the ashes

Of a muddy depression.

But within these ashes,

There's still a glow

That brings a whisper,

A chance to grow.

In the burnout's chaos

Lies the seeds of newfound

And wiser ways.

A step back, a moment to pause,

Can bring back what seemed to be lost.

Breathe deeply,

Connect with nature,

Nurture the fire

To rediscover what sparked your desire.

Getting back,

Slowly but surely,

In learning when to stand and ground.

To fuel the fire with self-care and light,

Honor your soul

And accept the needs.

Burnout, a passage through life,

A chance to grow,

To reclaim your innerself...

From the ashes, strength can rise,

A renewed spirit,

A soul that flies.

So, in the confusion of the heart,

And exhausted nights,

There is the promise of a dawn's first light.

For in the burnout's darkest hour,

Exists the seed of inner power.