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Co-Searching challenges society to look at job seekers in a positive way. Through peer-to-peer workshops and conversation groups, we empower Belgian and foreign jobseekers in their careers. We ambition to inspire them to seize opportunities based on their own strengths and give direction to their professional lives.



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Yes, I'm an immigrant; No, I won't just "take any job"

Geplaatst op 26/06/2024

Many immigrant jobseekers report being treated unfairly: between the language barrier, the lack of equivalence of their formal education or just plain stigmatisation, they encounter many obstacles. Two of our volunteers write about what they went through looking for a job in Flanders.



What happens at the Co-Working for jobseekers...

Geplaatst op 15/04/2024 door Nadia Kara

...stays at the Co-Working for jobseekers. Just kidding! Co-Searching doesn't gatekeep, so here are a few tips that were shared among the group that gathered last week in Ghent.



Being a Woman in the Digital Era

Geplaatst op 08/03/2024 door Denisa

In the era of digitalisation, women face a variety of challenges that intersect with various aspects of their lives. From their rights to their personal and emotional well-being and even financial stability, the impact of digitalization can be both empowering and challenging for women.



Building bridges : Getting Across

Geplaatst op 14/12/2023 door Magalie

In this second part of "Building Bridges", we figure out how to actually network with new people. Talking to someone you have never met before can be challenging! If you’re looking for ways to get through, look no further: here are some useful tips to help you connect.

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