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Co-Searching challenges society to look at job seekers in a positive way. Through peer-to-peer workshops and conversation groups, we empower Belgian and foreign jobseekers in their careers. We ambition to inspire them to seize opportunities based on their own strengths and strengths, and give direction to their professional lives.




Take the leap: Why I went from studying Economics to Philosophy

Geplaatst op 02/08/2023

You have just finished school and are looking for a pathway to pursue? Despite many passions you cannot decide what you really want to do in your life to feel a sense of fulfilment and joy? Marc, 25, writes about how he identified his core values and overcame some personal challenges.



Dealing with the aftermath of interviews

Geplaatst op 27/07/2023 door Magalie

You have sent applications, went through the search, put in the work and just got out of an interview? Congratulations for getting this far! But you might find yourself overthinking. And by overthinking I mean : replaying the whole interaction in your head. Multiple times. In slow motion.


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A Guide to using LinkedIn efficiently to land your ideal job

Geplaatst op 01/03/2023 door Padma Gopalan

Are you a future graduate or a seasoned veteran looking to start your job search? Or are you looking for a career change and wondering what your next role should be? Well! This blogpost is all about using LinkedIn to unlock the secrets of success and land your next big role.

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How to defeat burnout before it strikes and improve your work-life balance?

Geplaatst op 16/11/2022 door Padma Gopalan

We know burnout all too well: several people among us have struggled with this 21st century plague. We are lucky to be able to heal from our negative experiences by turning them into positive learnings throughout our daily activities, but you know what would be even better?

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