Co-Working for jobseekers


Co-Working for jobseekers

09/04/2024 van 10h00 tot 12h30

BlinkHuis, Vlaanderenstraat 53 9000 Gent (Ghent)

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Looking for a job alone can get quite lonely and even feel isolating. Well, we have good news: it doesn't have to be that way! We offer a free co-working moment for jobseekers, where you can meet other people who are facing similar challenges and look for a job together. Bring your laptop, your CV, ask your questions, exchange tips...Whatever you want to address in this moment.

You can already send us some questions or topics you would like to discuss on 9/04 in advance when you register for this event, but you don't have to.

We're looking forward to get to know you! :-)


Every time a participant does not show up we have an empty chair at our table that could have been filled by somebody else who wanted to be there. So don't forget to delete your participation if you can't make it or contact Annelies.

We only send tips or reports to participants who show up.

For who?

This workshop is open for all jobseekers (not working jobseekers, working jobseekers, students etc..) who want to learn and discuss job search. You are welcome regardless of your age, sector, gender, education level, etc.

This workshop requires enough knowledge of English to be able to participate in a conversation.

Are you a coach, recruiter or other professional active in the labour market? Would you like to get to know us or work together? Get in touch with us!